“Ohh, no, no, no, of course you’re not little!” Just play along, Ketchum, this will all be over soon. “You’re really big ‘n strong, like a Dragonite,” he went on. All the while, all he could seem to recount mentally was a single line of sobbing inner monologue. Something to the tune of ‘I’ve made a huge mistake’, ‘please Arceus why did you do this to me, I’ve been a good man, I pay all my bills and I always use protection’, ‘I sent my mom two letters last year I am a damned saint.’ Ad nauseum.

“So! Mudders, huh?” He echoed, seeming to repeat the name with a placid smile. “What kinda game d’you wanna play?” At least he was trying to sound eager, operative word trying. In truth, he couldn’t have possibly looked forward to a night there— I mean look at the place, it was so bland, so—

I wonder where this schmuck keeps his beer.

Ash Ketchum what kind of saint are you?

“Maaaybe hide ‘n seek?” He suggested. How cruel, he mused, to suggest hide ‘n seek with a child you’ve no intention of actually finding. Or maybe he would, he wasn’t quite solid on the decision yet, it would definitely buy him time to search for alcohol, though. Or better yet, have a little cry in the corner.

"Yeah! I’m like a- a- Dra-Dragonite!" The smaller one cried, trying his best to puff out his chest. He only succeeded in making himself look a bit smaller- though he’d never admit to such a feat seeing as the topic was so sensitive in the first place. 

"Mudders! Monty works too though, I use that name for school." The tyke said, trailing off a bit before blinking and focusing once more. Trying to think of a game that he really liked to play, he could only think of a couple that he played in the last couple days- which to be put bluntly, were not many. 

Hearing his supposed baby-sitter’s suggestion, he nodded quickly, liking the idea. He hadn’t played that in a while, and quickly deemed the gay acceptable. “Who counts?” He asked, his voice small as he started bouncing on his feet. He really hoped that it wasn’t himself that were to count first, knowing it would take him a very long time to finish, considering he couldn’t really pronounce some of the bigger numbers yet. 

Thinking that he’d jump on the chance and ask the other to do it before he was given the chance to make it otherwise, Mudders quickly spoke- “Mr. Ash, can you count first?” 

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How the fuck did I get here?

No, really, how the fuck did I get here?

For a man in his sort of situation, the questions came remarkably slow and repetitive; compound-eyed tunnel vision locked on one, profanity laden question that he hardly expected to get the answer to. For all intents and purposes, however, he never let on for a second. Well, he couldn’t! He just got locked in a house with some little kid! And— oh wow, this was shaping up to be a creepy run of affairs indeed, make no mistake. He could only come to one conclusion, and that was that he had been tricked.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twi— you know what, shame on me the whole way, I am a moron of the highest calibre.

But despite this, Ash kept his game face on. Maybe if he played along, the night would pass much quicker, and he could get out of that house of horrors— er, babysitting gig, all the more quickly. He put on a placating smile, and crouched down to his haunches, still managing to loom over the little kid like some kinda ragged old monolith.

“My name’s Ash,” he said, friendly enough. “What’s your name, little guy?”

Maybe he could just pull a Solid Snake and hide under a box for a while.

Or, y’know, he could not.

The child watched as the man’s facial expression seemed to change every few minutes, amusement shining in his eyes. It didn’t take much to entertain the tyke, especially when someone as interesting as Ash was before him. 

Mudders let out a giggle as he stared up at the other, deeming them nice enough since they didn’t yell at him. “Mudders! My name is Mudders!” He cried, his blue hair falling in his eyes before he wiped it away. 

Realizing what the other had called him, he pouted for a moment before trying his best to glare at the other. “I’m not little!” He said, his voice unfortunately squeaking- destroying his supposed intimidating look. He huffed lightly, taking a step back so that the other didn’t seem as tall anymore. 

Calling him short was a sure soft spot. 

Soon forgetting about what he deemed an insult, he threw the other one more glare for the sake of it before dropping the bad feelings. “Mr. Ash, Mr. Ash, do you want to play a game?”

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Mudders looked up at the other as the door closed behind his father, the tall man leaving to go on a business trip. He now had a new baby sitter, the rest having neglected their duties- allowing Mudders to roam and eventually get lost. The tyke only reached a little bit above the man’s knee-caps, the blue-haired child having to look up.

“What is your name, mister?” He asked, his aquamarine eyes shining with curiosity.

Mudders was only five, the small one standing at 3’2’’. He was short, that was for sure and he was normally intimidated by taller figures. However, since his father had trusted him into the other’s care, he figured they were a good person.

Perhaps they would want to play with him.


“Mudders, it’s time to give you a bath.” Stalin placed a small smile on his face when the little aquamarine haired child looked up with large eyes, gurgling sounds emitted from his tiny mouth. Cooing lightly, he scooped the infant into his strong arms, bouncing them gently as he made way into the spacious bathroom. If the raven knew one thing about his own “son”, it was that he enjoyed baths greatly. 


Pouring in the right amount of bubble solution, Stalin situated the baby into his portable safety flotation device- the happy sounds Mudders made were like music to his ears.

Wonderful music.

Mudders sat on his Kyogre plushie, the legendary water type being one of the stuffed animals that were the biggest. Surrounding him were smaller plushies, being of varied water Pokemon  Currently, his favorites were Oshawott and Squirtle. 

Hearing his father walk in, the toddler looked over and up, smiling at Stalin as the other spoke to him. Recognizing the word Bath, he giggled as he was picked up. He loved bath time!

Being placed is something reminiscent of a seat, he bounced slightly as his small hands lightly patted the bubbles. Scooping up what he deemed was a sizable handful, he raised his hand to Stalin as a type of ‘gift’. With small words of nonsense flowing from his mouth, he giggled at the end.

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The plaza Hydrix birthed from just rubble was doing fairly well lately. Hydrix was proud of how he had done this- basically alone! Let alone maybe just some helpers. Enough to make his dream come true. He was now reigning over all these people in his Totalitarian. What people wanted was the least of his concerns. Their welfare? Pff— what was that to Hydrix? He had almost no concern. But there was the part of Hydrix that held the worry if people liked him. It was why he held casual speeches from time to time, and most of what he could see, the people liked him- they cheered for him when he rose to the balcony looming over the crowd, of all the people that were in his Cult. It was something remarkable, and even Hydrix, at some points in the day, cannot fathom how he was indicted into such high esteem of the estate.

But then again, it was all him anyway. He was the one who created his “Cult of Personality” that rose from his deceased family, to the shining heavens above. That was only exaggerating, but even to a degree, Hydrix knew his small Empire would grow larger and larger… He, Hydrix wanted nothing but to be the first of everything. Even in the League of Nations, he wanted to top all the rest. His plan… endowed the plan of World Domination. And he was going to get it, whether the others wanted it or not, Hydrix set his mind to it. And he was going to get it.


The kid before the man definitely wasn’t from these areas. It was none other than a Pokemon, just like himself! Though, it wasn’t rare if Pokemon were to join his cult, not at all. But there was the annoyance of newcomers that greatly ignited him. It was the resemblance he held of a female. He was flat chested, but even his face was enough to mistaken people of any size or age. “Here.” The man before the Mudkip reached a hand down, helping the boy back to his feet. Hydrix made himself pull a small smile, just for the child. There was a place in his heart where he held a soft spot for children… as long as they proved himself worthy.

“Like I stated, I have not seen you here before. Who are you and what is your business?”

Mudders had decided to take a look around the new city, his caretaker had let him out for the day, as long as he promised to stay out of trouble and to be back by dinner. He had a cell phone in case anything was wrong, but he doubt he would need it- he barely used one anyway, not truly understanding the electronically run device at only six years of age. 

As far as the tyke knew, everyone was a good person as long as they weren’t directly in the criminal organizations. 

He gladly accepted the hand of the person in front of him, his small hand clenched in the others until he was standing. The taller male was dressed in expensive clothes, the younger being almost in awe. He hadn’t seen anyone nearly as pretty before besides his parents and he questioned if they were actually standing before him. Especially since there were wings at his waist.

At the other’s sudden questioning, Mudders tilted his head for a moment and blinked, his eyes wide as he looked at the other. “I’m Mudders! Mudders Birch! And I’m… looking around?” He asked, looking down at his hands as he started to fidget a bit. “My daddy is on a business trip with my mommy and my caretaker told me I could go out as long as I’m back by dinner.” He continued. 

Looking up, his eyes watered a bit as he became worried. “Am I in trouble, sir?” He asked, his voice shrinking a bit. 


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Son tan lindos r_r #mudkip #piplup #totodile #oshawott #squirtle #pokemon #pokemonstarters #water


“Just Mudkips.”Marcio Rodrigues.
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“Just Mudkips.”
Marcio Rodrigues.